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The Bachelor: US edition

As Bachelor Sean embarks on his world-wide quest to find love (do you think he’s really just hoping to run into some better prospects on the road??) I thought it would be fun to suggest places in the US where the Bachelor should visit. This list has all the essentials for the Bachelor: alcohol, bikinis, sun, beaches and drama.

1. Up North, Wisconsin.

That might seem like a broad area but it could be anywhere in the Northwoods. It’s GORGEOUS there! Here’s the view from my parent’s pier. I’m sure they’d LOVE to host the Bachelor.

up north

Up North would be great for the Bach. Plenty of things to do that involve bikinis and drinking! In fact, if you go in the summer that’s pretty much how you’ll spend your days. It’s glorious. Unfortunately there won’t be many hot tubs.

2. Glen Arbor, Michigan.

One of my favorite places to visit. Every time I go, I am amazed at the beauty of the white sand dunes against the glimmering blue water of Lake Michigan. In fact, in 2011, Good Morning America named this area (Sleeping Bear Dunes and Pierce Stocking Drive) as the most beautiful place in America. Need proof? Here’s my shot:

pierce stocking drive

This place is great for the Bach because there are plenty of outdoor activities to do, like hiking the dunes, picnicking on the beach, passing out at touring the numerous wineries, and wearing bikinis!

3. Twin Cities!!

Shout out to where I live! Lonely Planet named the Twin Cities a top-ten US travel destination for 2013. Is it because we get to experience this on an all too often basis?


Or is it because it looks like THIS in the summer?

target field

Land of 10,000 lakes is the perfect place to find love (well in the summer – it’s not sexy wearing long-underwear and hairy legs). But in the summer it’s h-0-double-t. Put on your swimsuits ladies and hit up some beach volleyball at Lake Calhoun. Cool off at the Summit Brewery tour. This place has all the makings of true love.

4. Bar Harbor, Maine

This town is quintessential cuteness! Plus, if you say it with a Boston accent, Bahhh Habaahh, it’s more fun! I can definitely see some ABC planned thoughtful dates such as lobster fishing, a group bike ride through Acadia National Park (Tierra would undoubtedly need fake medical attention), and a cozy dinner at a B&B (somehow Tierra would ruin that too).

bar harbor

As a bonus, imagine all the punny things Chris Harrison could write on the date cards! Here’s to finding your “maine” squeeze. This is the “maine” date. Set the bar in Bar Harbor.

5. Key West, Florida

Ahhh Key West. It’s like your life is just one giant Jimmy Buffett song when you’re down in that one particular harbor (get it?!) Date card option: Wasted Away in Margaritaville. PERFECT! Or how about this one? Life’s a drag (girls participate in one of the famous Key West drag shows!) Or, “Let’s take our relationship to the Southern Most Point.” How about jet skiing on the ocean (been there- done that – amazingness) “let’s jet.” Key West has the Bachelor written all over it. Swimsuits, umbrella drinks that you can purchase right on the street, beaches, drag queens, and the biggest sunset watching party in the US. What’s more romantic than a sunset? Actually, I have an answer for that! A sunset that doesn’t involve the Bachelor!


6. Savannah, Georgia

Savannah has the makings of every epic love story. Mystery, intrigue, history, wealth, greed, and spanish moss. Another destination with an open container law! Imagine the dates in Savannah – romantic carriage rides through the historic town squares, trip to the beach on Tybee Island, group ghost tours through haunted mansions, haunted squares, and haunted cemeteries, cooking lessons from Paula Dean, and pictures with the Forest Gump bench!


So much Southern charm, it’d be hard NOT to fall in love for the night for life.

Where do YOU think the Bachelor should visit?

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